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Sunday, 10th of February 2002

  • Well, Stickmen Dance Productions have released the much anticipated Best Maid Plans 3 last week starring 'The Maid' and it can be found on The Maid's page...
  • If you would like to vote for it you can go straight to The Stickmen Death Theatre and vote for her please!
  • Also we became affiliates with Nick2Slick and Cinema du Comical Calimities They truly are great sites!
  • The Maid has expressed plans to set up her own website! Yes, Stickmen Dance have finally confirmed the rumours....However she will not be leaving Stickmen Dance...(thankfully)
  • She's looking for contribution for her animations, kind words, logos and that kind of stuff.... You can e-mail them to us at
  • In the meantime enjoy the site and please tell a friend about it...Thank You!
  • Bob- Co Founder